the cosmic farmer’s fertilizer song

we were all anesthetized until we realized we were floating around on sugar boats, the sugar dissolved into a cold ocean swirl and we all fell in, baptized in some kind of cosmic kool-aid 

and the pain was real and the pain was right, and someone said “let there be light” someone flipped a switch and the world turned on

and it was all amusement parks and trailer parks and time clocks and argyle socks and artificially flavored pop-rocks and option stocks and noah’s arks, so we climbed aboard  

with curiosity we make a rudder, with imagination we make a sail, we discovered dry land and learned how to crash into it, we were happy landfill

it was a land of feral salad forks, it was a land of hubcaps, airplanes filled the sky like starlings migrating to heaven, people grew on trees and the kool-aid flowed like two percent milk

we sang gypsy blue jean rock-n-roll radio, we ate breakfast casserole, we goose-stepped in and out of combat boots, we glissaded up and down slippery slopes, it was a jubilee
of hyperbole, and all the people ate all the trees, we breathed our last breath of laughing gas and laughed ourselves to death, but it’s all good, it’s all understood

this world eats itself daily, it’s the cosmic farmer’s favorite song, hymnally of ecology, tidal waves wash our coffins back into the bigger picture, back into the sea, back into a bowl of milk

and sugar  

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