word garden #8 the adventures of joe burden

great list shay, and rather serendipitous, i wasn’t familiar with this poet and enjoyed reading his work, and i have been wanting to write more prose poetry lately and this got the ball rolling for me, hope you enjoy

enter joe burden wearing his favorite bowtie
joe is an average joe with an average burden, so he deepens his load and carries the weight of the world, sometimes on the back of his neck between his scrawny average shoulders, sometimes in a bowling bag that matches his bowtie, joe loves the world... when it conforms to his reality

he listens to electric radio hellhounds pounding on his cauliflower ear, the world is postponing reality, perhaps permanently (reality all tied up and clogged up and beat up by reality) this is not good, joe is not happy 

time gets lost and dizzy, the big hand grabs the little hand and walks itself into the dark, vicarious gingerbread ghosts beyond the cellar door poke holes in the floor and make fun of his goofy bowtie, and the cowbell tolls for cowboy souls, all hell break loose in joe’s favorite bowling bag

oh well
hell is full of pollution, and revolution, and imitation information, and joe is an average bowler, he can’t roll a strike to save his life, or the world, and all manner of evil crawls out of his bowling bag and attacks his cowboy soul, tooth and tusk, beak and claw, hatchet and chainsaw, poor joe, with his average credit score and a ticket to heaven

but reality canceled and exit joe burden
as he crawls under the kitchen table and sticks his head up his ass, all the way up to his beautiful bowtie, “tuck and roll” says the radio to the world, “tuck and roll” says joe burden to his asshole

oh well
hell is full of hell, and reality 

“bravo! Bravo!” says the radio, reality discontinued due to lack of interest and bad weather, stay tuned ladies and gentlemen and average joes of all ages, for this year’s tastiest torments and funniest disasters, and always remember, three prayers are better than one, good god, good grief, and good luck

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