new boots

dear unrelenting neverending uphill battle
i bought some new boots today
size twelve double wide
steel toes and hard soles 
does that frighten you?

of course not
you are the unrelenting neverending uphill battle
journey with no arrival 
mindless ambition, missions and visions
tall as denali 
long as god’s shadow
all of us on trial

as a kid 
i got my ass kicked by the other kids in school
beat down in the home that i ran from
beat down in the streets i ran to
as a man
dragged down in the great recession
lost the business i built from spit and dirt
and beaten flat in the aftermath
by the i.r.s. 
cut down to size in the eyes of soulless white collars
got my ass kicked by every boss i crossed
every woman i loved, everything below
and everything above
thugged and mugged in the dark  
left for dead
and i wreck myself when no one else will
cause i don’t know myself
without any bruises 

can you see all the teeth in my eyes?

i’m a bubba-shaped object
hands like two pitbulls  
a mind made of knuckles 
a heart of scar tissue
blood like burnt diesel 
my name is no-shame
and i’ve got some new boots
dear unrelenting neverending uphill battle
i’m coming for you

the coffinsmith

good morning,

my poem “the coffinsmith” was just published in “Edge of Humanity Magazine”, you can read it here.

also, i included this poem in my latest digital chapbook, “risking absurdity”, which you can read here

also also, sorry i haven’t been posting much, i just recovered from foot surgery and just getting back on my feet and getting my life rolling again, had to switch apartments, and all kinds of random nonsense, but i will be writing, reading and posting again soon


i felt you rise
in the middle of the night
shaking me awake as you lifted from the bed, i heard you walk down the hall, you were wearing socks, i heard them talking to the carpet, wool whispering to wool, i heard the light switch click in the kitchen and the ceiling fan start to whirl, i wondered what was keeping you up

perhaps you were getting some water, perhaps you were going thru the bills again, drawing numbers on the backs of torn envelopes with a pen running out of ink 

perhaps you were thinking of windmills in wyoming, not the old fashion kind which you like, but the modern ones that make electricity, which you also like, tall sleek towers with long sleek blades, and all the wind of wyoming spinning them, pushing electrons down long black wires, thru windswept prairies, along oddly number highways, across state lines and into your kitchen ceiling fan, to make, of all things, wind

circuit complete

or maybe you were thinking of your mother, who passed last month, your heart still broken, thinking how she used to talk on the phone with both her voice and her hands, as if someone on the other end could see her hands explaining things, same as you do, circuit complete

the same way i shave my father’s face every morning in the mirror, circuit complete

and then i heard you walk back down the hall, dragging your sleepy feet, i heard the static in your footsteps, circuit complete, folding your shape back into my shape, circuit complete  

outside, the darkness was doing its darkness, crows were dreaming their crow-dreams, trees were speaking the language of leaves, you were wearing socks, i was wearing socks, and all the sheep asleep on the rolling green fields of new zealand
were making socks

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