ah, it must be five-o-clock on a friday in colorado (i can smell the funk in the air)

my poem “new year’s meh” was just published in “Edge of Humanity Magazine” you can check it out here

i’ve been following Edge of Humanity for about a year now, and always enjoy the read. lot’s of good articles, poems and art. don’t forget to support e-zines like this, they publish poets like you and me =)

the coffinsmith

good morning,

my poem “the coffinsmith” was just published in “Edge of Humanity Magazine”, you can read it here.

also, i included this poem in my latest digital chapbook, “risking absurdity”, which you can read here

also also, sorry i haven’t been posting much, i just recovered from foot surgery and just getting back on my feet and getting my life rolling again, had to switch apartments, and all kinds of random nonsense, but i will be writing, reading and posting again soon