my poetry chapbooks

good news! i’m not selling anything

these are some my poetry chapbooks, digital versions with spoken word audio files included. best of all, these chapbooks are free, free free free, free free, free free free.  that’s right, they’re free. just click on the image or title to read.

risking absurdity (new)

…and other literary stunts, reality is too flexible to not mess with. after a seven-year lunchbreak (i take lunch very seriously) i have returned to complete my latest collection, 11 poems written between 2011 and 2013, plus 2021. available only in technicolored blogovision.

audio files coming soon

jalopy dreams of a mothership

damage is as damage does, life is all about the spare parts. a collection of poems, a few anthems, and a song of repair. 11 poems written between 2007 and 2011, originally self-published in print and now in 100% recyclable virtual space

currently has 5 audio files, more coming soon

trouble in the bubble jungle

diary of a punk-rock poet. a young man is rejected by academic literary culture, in turn, he rejects literary academics right back and, lives happily ever after. 11 poems written between 2000 and 2007. self-published in print and now converted to digital

currently has 3 audio files, more coming soon

society is a nice place to visit

…but i wouldn’t want to live there, coming soon.