about me

portrait of the poet with his head in a xerox machine

back in the day, if you wanted to take a selfie, you had to stick your head in a xerox machine… true storie

my name is phillip woodruff and i live in denver colorado, i’ve been writing poetry for close to 30 years, and many years ago i did some spoken word, which is my favorite kind of poetry, and i look forward getting back to it soon. 

there is nothing like spoken word, a live environment, performing with live music and a real audience.  a piece of paper with words on it is not where a poem lives, a poem lives when it is spoken into the world. 

a lot of what i write these days is experimental, and experimental poems crash and burn quite often.  i just have be brave and push thru… i know i can be brave…

portrait of the poet with his finger inside a baby alligator’s mouth,

and his certificate of bravery.