when my train pulls in, gary clack jr

music for my morning browsing…

i saw gary clark jr in concert a few years back, wow! what an incredible guitarist

a very young gary clack jr, this is the first time i’ve ever seen him play a fender, usually he plays gibbons and epiphones

and finally, check this kid out, wow!

i think that guitar weighs more than he does

5 thoughts on “when my train pulls in, gary clack jr”

  1. Some badass guitar work. And how come there aren’t any poetry prodigies? Bring your rants and plectrums to my new poetry forum despereratepoets.com


    1. hey brendan, after some careful thought, i’m going to decline your offer, but thank you so much for inviting me, i think it is great what you are doing, and i’d love to participate, but many of your membership is not very fond of me. i think it would be better if i were just a reader and not a contributor. i remain a fan of your work, as well as all your other members (and will continue to read, so please, keep pushing forward. i really do feel that i am done with the online poetry forums. i’m going to stick to the fringe, that is where i am most comfortable and where i do my truest work, and i going to continue working on getting published. thank you sir, for all that you have done, and again, i remain a fan


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