drug test blues

so i got a new job, and they want me to take a drug test, so i guess i better study, it’s the story problems i have trouble with, like this:

if a teenage drug fiend leaves hollywood heading east doing 105 mph in a stolen lexis, and another degenerate wack-job burner leaves new york city hitchhiking west with warrants for possession and criminal trespass, how much meth will they smoke when they meet up in colorado springs?

i think the answer is d) a shit-load

the song below has nothing to do with the thingamagig above, it’s just one of my all-time favorite jeff beck tunes… enjoy

5 thoughts on “drug test blues”

  1. Yes, but what if Sally has two bottles of diet pills but Jane slips one of them into her purse while Sally is babbling about her kids but then Jane goes home and gets dizzy from not eating and then vacuuming the living room 45 times and because she’s dizzy she falls down the basement stairs while carrying laundry and breaks her leg, do you feel sorry for the stupid cow or is Sally to blame? Asking for a friend.

    –Popping Pills In Plymouth

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    1. i think the answer to that one is c) jane needs to chill.

      or this one, this was a tough one:

      jake wants to buy 3 joints, chris wants to buy 4 joints, and sarah wants to buy 2 joints, 1 joint costs 3 dollars and 99 cents, a promotional five-pack of joints costs 17 dollars and 98 cents, how much will they pay for all their joints?

      i think the answer is a) dave’s not not here man

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