sikka enigma (repost from my old blog)(3rd draft)

when i walk on two legs
i feel nothing
intruder blindfolded
fool of the world  
if i crawl like an ancestor
chest to the ground
feel the earthbeat, make it my own
mother’s love flows in this valley
swimming in shadows
white sapling and raspberry cover
thirsty for her, i must find her
wander the blackjack
follow rockweed paths, follow the clover  
tree moss and columbine
into the cold river
i drink
and she fills me
sunset explodes the sky
white water catches fire
i see it
feel it
but i traded my language for the soul of a wakan
so i can’t speak it
but for the hair of my neck
and growing glow of my eyes
mist chasing rain
stars on frozen snow
bluespruce and sage
the way the redtail lands on a tree limb
and folds his wings
song of the summer reeds  
and the taste of the river
to walk on two legs
is to die
i will never
i will never

posted for earthweal “dreaming in green”

Published by

phillip woodruff

i live in colorado, i love poetry and fishing, i've never been to kentucky, i own 5 pairs of shoes, sometimes i drive too fast, i like craft beer, i own 37 fishing poles, i've never been to iceland, sometimes i drive too slow, right now there is a black bird outside my window, i stare at him and he stares at me

19 thoughts on “sikka enigma (repost from my old blog)(3rd draft)”

    1. “if i crawl like an ancestor
      chest to the ground
      feel the earthbeat, make it my own
      mother’s love flows”

      “white sapling and raspberry cover
      i am thirsty”

      “to find her
      wander the blackjack”

      “i drink
      and sunset explodes the sky
      white water catches fire”

      my favorites

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  1. Phillip, I cant tell you how much I love this poem. The images took me right into the poem. I really feel “I traded my language for the soul of a wakan”. A gorgeous poem. Am so glad you linked it at earthweal.

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  2. To dream in green, one must go green, meet the world on its terms, as an ancestor who was identical (or undifferentiated) with it. And what poetry comes of that intimate vantage! An invaluable tender, as your title suggest. Great to see you at earthweal. We’re a small forum but love our green.

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  3. “intruder blindfolded / fool of the world ” truly describes me–except for these moments of memory/flashbacks when we find we are part of it all. At times I salso find the naturalness of being twi-legged without becoming blind. Can we express this anywhere else but in poetry, dance, and relationship with the world?

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  4. Ah, Phillip. You are diving to the heart here, to the primal and sacred that is within us and around us if we open our senses, which echoes its undying self in the back of our souls, even if we are surrounded by concrete and steel. You have really touched the center of our best selves, the ones that are childlike with wonder at the beauty and bounty around us, and don’t see dollar signs in what was meant to give life to everything and last forever. And it will last forever, even if we are not around to see it. I especially like how the opening pulls us in to that walk/crawl/swim into the Mother…and it never falters a step throughout. Just a gorgeous poem full, for me, of the comfort of the mountains, which are the Unending. Sorry to be so late to comment!

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