happy earth day!

sorry i keep disappearing, but the weather has been so nice, and i was cooped up for so long, i just can’t focus on poetry at all, i just want to be outside. so instead of any new poems today, here is what i have been up to:

these are the collegiate peaks in central colorado, just north of taylor park reservoir, i believe all those peaks are fourteeners, and this mountain chain is part of the north american continental divide, all watersheds east of these mountains flow into the gulf of mexico, and all watersheds west of these mountains flow to the pacific ocean

i camped a couple of weeks upstream on the taylor river along these ponds. spring thaw was in full swing, and the area was very swampy. the fishing was pretty good

that’s a moose standing in the middle of the bog. i didn’t see any calves, but there may have been one bedded down in the thick brush. this is as close as i will get to a moose while i am on foot. many years ago, i accidently got to close to a moose calf and momma chased me up a tree… lesson learned

about five minutes after i took this photo, a bull elk popped out of the trees up on top of the hill, took one look at that moose, and ran away. kind of wish i had been taking a video

i plan on spending more time up here this summer. but now that my foot is rehabbed and feeling good, i guess i should go find a job =)

happy earth day everybody! i know i’m a day late, but in reality, every day is earth day, and what an awesome place the earth is, wouldn’t you agree?

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phillip woodruff

i live in colorado, i love poetry and fishing, i've never been to kentucky, i own 5 pairs of shoes, sometimes i drive too fast, i like craft beer, i own 37 fishing poles, i've never been to iceland, sometimes i drive too slow, right now there is a black bird outside my window, i stare at him and he stares at me

7 thoughts on “happy earth day!”

  1. Absolutely stunning photos, Phillip. Wonderful reflective shots. And a worthy adventure! I love that you saw a moose and a bull elk! Glad your foot’s better. I had noticed you hadn’t posted but now I see you had a mighty good reason! 😊


  2. You are always making the right choice in being outside versus in.

    Those shots are beautiful, especially the third, with the reflection.

    Enjoy your summer.


    1. thank you, i like the last one best, that’s not taylor park tho, that was farther south in the san juan mountains, i saw a herd of about 200 deer and followed them around for awhile, i got photos of that too


  3. There is just something about mountains, their own wild I guess, that lifts you up out of the ordinary–your photos are great! I’m so glad you have this in your life, Phillip. It’s a poet’s, a human’s , best reservoir.


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