the coffinsmith

good morning,

my poem “the coffinsmith” was just published in “Edge of Humanity Magazine”, you can read it here.

also, i included this poem in my latest digital chapbook, “risking absurdity”, which you can read here

also also, sorry i haven’t been posting much, i just recovered from foot surgery and just getting back on my feet and getting my life rolling again, had to switch apartments, and all kinds of random nonsense, but i will be writing, reading and posting again soon

10 thoughts on “the coffinsmith”

      1. You’re welcome. Happy to hear on your foot. I listened to the first poem in your collection and enjoyed that as well. Great cover. Daring to be absurd has been beaten out of me over the years (pegs in the coffin?)


  1. Congratulations on getting Coffinsmith published–you know I loved that one. Just listened to you read ‘these are true stories’ also. That was excellent, and made me laugh several times, and it proves the point nothing is funny without a conscience. Sorry to hear about the confusion and daily strife, etc. It always wants to take our writing away, but of course, we can’t have that. Best of luck kicking ass and going forward.

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    1. thank you joy, and thanks again for your help editing (and i’m still working on that second poem) yes, my life knid of fell apart while i was out of commission, but i was expecting that, it will all fall back into place in no time (half way there already)


  2. I love your poem The Coffinsmith, and it was great to read it again. So many good lines, but the image of this one made me laugh out loud: “run gorilla-knuckled into the wild.” Congratulations on your publication 🙂

    And I very much look forward to reading your digital chapbook. I’ll put some time aside soon and really take it in. What an intriguing front cover! 😀

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