the “boot”

look how miserable i am right now, look how pale and sickly i’ve gotten, and i am so bored. when i finally get out of this boot, i’m going to set it on fire, bury it in a fifty-foot hole, and dance on its grave every day for a year… so long as the doc says its ok to dance

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phillip woodruff

i live in colorado, i love poetry and fishing, i've never been to kentucky, i own 5 pairs of shoes, sometimes i drive too fast, i like craft beer, i own 37 fishing poles, i've never been to iceland, sometimes i drive too slow, right now there is a black bird outside my window, i stare at him and he stares at me

17 thoughts on “the “boot””

  1. Dude, you look like you’re ready to kick some ass and are tired of showing restraint. 🙂

    I flipping adore that T-shirt. It is just my style.

    How much longer in the boot?

    Post more pictures of the space you’re in. Weird little things. It’ll be a good distraction.

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    1. well i feel awful, i’ve lose weight and muscle mass, at my age i don’t like losing muscle. the stuff these people eat is awful, red meat potatoes and sugar, and oh, don’t forget the saturated fat. i’d sell my own mother for a green vegetable. no wonder these people all look and sound like archy bunker.


      1. Are you allowed to drive? Can you go to a store? I suppose not; if you could, you would. What veggies are your faves?


      1. i think i remember. i like anything green, except lettuce, i don’t have a gallbladder anymore and lettuces hurts me. but i like green beans, broccoli, peas, lima beans (love lima beans) spinach that sort of stuff


      2. If you want me to stop commenting, just say the word. I also left one on the moth poem that perhaps went to spam for approval. I know I’m kind of dopey; I guess I should hush. 😦


      3. I favor all the leaves—spinach, collards, turnips. Ohhh, how I love turnip greens. And the white part … and rutabagas. They’re a big fave.


      1. That wasn’t me. I have no idea who/what Shay was talking about. I missed this “Gipsie” link she referred to; it wasn’t me.


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