the sunday muse #194 x-ray glasses

when i was
a little kid
i wanted
x-ray glasses
and sea monkeys
but mostly 
x-ray glasses

i wanted to know 
what grown-ups
were thinking
what was
going on in those
oversized skulls
why the
long blank expressions and
they never

i thought
the x-ray glasses
i bought
were broken
cause all i saw
was nothing
no matter what
i looked
nothing but nothing

i thought
those swirls were just painted on
a total scam!

all grown-up
and i know
what is what
i know 
what goes on in these
oversized skulls
and it’s 
sea monkeys

posted for the sunday muse

25 thoughts on “the sunday muse #194 x-ray glasses”

  1. I wanted sea-monkey and x-ray glasses too! I actually sent away for the sea monkeys. They were, well, not quite as advertised. Basically, they were small shrimp and they died almost right away.

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  2. oh my! All those childhood hours spent reading comic books come back to me! You know, every Xmas i tell hedgewitch that I’m sending her sea monkeys. Anyway, yeah adults never listen, and worry about the lamest stuff. My older brothers have always considered me a scatterbrain but i think they’re bores. they could use some sea monkeys or x ray glasses or some Owsley or something. Me, I have carefully kept alive my inner 8 yr old, and I’m glad.

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  3. This is a direct shot, phillip. There’s no winding around or being casual with words–tho that can be fun, too–everything is just laid out like beads on a string, one fact, one truth after another. Shay and I have a running joke about sea monkeys, as she notes, but I think every child deprived of a pet, of something to love and care for, because children really want to do that even if it’s a little more than they can really handle– wants them. Full of insight without a single preach, this is one of my favorites of yours.

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  4. Just wonderful, Phillip. I love the contrast between your tone which is matter of fact and yet your words offer so much beneath it. I actually found it quite moving. Beautiful accompanying image. Well done 💕

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  5. When I was a kid x-ray glasses would have been fun. But I didn’t even know about x-ray until I broke a metatarsal in college. We lived in rural Nebraska and I didn’t go to doctors, neither did the rest of the family. My Grandmother didn’t either but she went to a chiropractor instead. He killed her because he didn’t diagnose her anemia.


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