Ziggy’s Spoken Word Museum – Martin Luther King Jr

Ziggy’s Spoken Word Museum

Martin Luther King Jr had one of the most powerful voices in all American history, and his message of freedom and equality still resonates today though very city and every valley, from sea to shining sea.  Come and celebrate his words and wisdom with us today over at Ziggy’s Spoken Word Museum, come and listen to the brilliance of Martin Luther King Jr.

This blog still lives over at Blogger, but I plan on moving it over to WordPress soon… sorry for the inconvenience.

Ziggy’s Spoken Word Museum

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phillip woodruff

i live in colorado, i love poetry and fishing, i've never been to kentucky, i own 5 pairs of shoes, sometimes i drive too fast, i like craft beer, i own 37 fishing poles, i've never been to iceland, sometimes i drive too slow, right now there is a black bird outside my window, i stare at him and he stares at me

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