to the year that has passed and all its happenstance
so long

to the battles i lost and crosswords unsolved

to the sky that does not know if it wants to snow or shine 
may you find peace 

to all the leaves now fallen from the sycamore tree
i wave from my window
to all the dead batteries in the back of the desk drawer 
i’m sure we’ll meet again

to last year’s new year’s eve seven-layer dip
still on the bottom shelve of the fridge
sorry i let you down 

to the empty gum wrapper blowing around in the gutter
live long, live well

to cable news and the loons who scream on the bus
good show 

to all the books with dusty dust covers i plan to read
but never do
have faith

to all the potholes on east alameda avenue that never get fixed
stay true

and to the new year that approaches and all of its verve
i say

happy new year everyone!

140 thoughts on “salute”

    1. yeah, i’m fairly upset. i have to spend the day getting legal advice and figuring out my next move. i’ve already written letters to all the local tv stations, but haven’t sent them yet. i sent letters to the city code enforcement, and i need to send more, they lied to a city fire inspector about the problem, that can’t be good for them.


      1. not sure yet, but i have them surrounded not. i’m harassing them head on, the fire department from one side, and the city code enforcement from the other, and i hae a much of letters ready to send to local media ready to go. they are now telling me that it will be fixed by friday, but i’ve heard this a dozen times before, and i have a lawyer on standby… who let the dogs out? it was me, i let the dogs out =)


  1. You are cracking me up with this:

    who let the dogs out? it was me, i let the dogs out =)

    That very much wants to be in a poem.


      1. no. i just got back from the apartment and there are unable to fix it at this time, they are no idea what they are going to do about that.

        they are moving me into a new apartment this wednesday, paying for the movers and everything


    1. me too. i really had to argue my case to get them to pay for the movers, but they’re slum lords, even when get the local government to intervene, they still act like douchebags… what can you do


      1. We had bunches of fun. I had just started a vegan diet, but I broke it for that. 🙂 I had half vanilla with maraschino cherries and juice on top, half chocolate with coconut shavings—all in a waffle bowl. Gluttonous, I know. … How would you take yours, with unlimited options offered?

        Other than that, the past week has been rough—lots of illness and pain running through the house. Today is a migraine day, unfortunately.


  2. I found your weblog website on google and examine a couple of of your early posts. Continue to maintain up the superb operate. I simply further up your RSS feed to my MSN Information Reader. In search of ahead to studying extra from you later on!…


    1. yeah, sorry about that, but it’s not coming back. i should know better than posting personal stuff like that, my past, my upbringing makes people very uncomfortable and i shouldn’t talk about that kind of stuff publicly, i should know better. i got too comfortable in my own skin and forgot. i’m glad you like it, it liked it too, not a great poem or anything, but i thought is was hopeful and inspiring, but doesn’t belong in the world


      1. You are completely wrong!!! It WAS inspiring! That was the entire point of the piece! I’ve been kicked around an excessive amount, but I’m stronger and more determined for it. I’m ever-ready for that uphill climb. Bring it on, effed-up Journey. You will never make me stop trying.

        This is the thing—your poems and posts have to please you. Don’t even think about the responses; they really don’t matter. You can’t have a clue what your writing might do inside someone else. They’re not going to put that in a comment. And they may not say anything at all. But that doesn’t mean you didn’t help or inspire someone—or medicate them in some way.

        I think we have to keep trying at this no matter how hard it is. Think about poetry-writing before the Internet. Most people probably rarely got feedback unless they were in some sort of literary circle or college program. I’m sure most poets are alone with their work. Having tunnel vision, not thinking too much about the reception, probably makes a poem better.

        I will tell you, your poems are a really big deal to me. They help me and make me happy. So if you’re willing to write, you have a lifetime reader.

        That poem was one of your best. But you do what feels right to you. Thank you so much for letting me read it at least a few times.

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      1. Doing great. ~End-of-the-school-year busyness. I’ll have my first high-school graduate in a few weeks. ~All the ceremonies that go along with; for her sisters as well. It’s a rich and hectic time.

        I’m glad you’re doing so well and have had a nice time outdoors. You earned that many times over.

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      2. well congrats to your high school grad! that’s awesome, you must be so proud. sounds like you got your hands full, but in the good way.

        yes, i had a great time, i can’t wait to get back up there. but i guess i need to go get a job, my saving are nearly bone dry.

        is your blog up? have you done any writing?


      3. Summer break is wonderfully hectic this year, what with all the changes my oldest is going through, along with the needs and interests of the three others.

        How are you and the new job and such? I assume that when you are absent for weeks or months, it means you are happy, busy, and fulfilled. That gives me great pleasure. I wish the very best for you.

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      4. well thank you, i wish all the best for you too. i just quit my new job, now i have to find a new new job. not sure what’s wrong with me this last year or so, i’ve been treating jobs like disposable razors, not that i would ever use a disposable razor ( i wonder if gillette is hiring). i’ve always been a working man, and proud of it, but lately i’ve been really unmotivated. i think its all the hate and racism out there that everyone is happy to share that is bringing me down. society has turned into a giant turd, and i don’t what to have anything to do with it.

        and weeks and months are nothing, i once ditched the internet for 7 years, only came back because i got bored during the pandemic. and missing from the internet is not the same thing as missing from life, it’s the opposite in fact.

        so yes, i’m doing fairly well. my foot feels pretty good, though my ankle gets really sore these days, and i got my tan back. i am having a bit of writers block, but that comes and goes so i’m not worried.

        how are you? sounds like you have your hands full, hope your having fun with it all. have you been writing? is your blog up? can i read it?


      5. I’ll open for a bit:

        I too am just fine in isolation. That’s not a negative.

        I believe our energy will pull us toward what we need when we need, if we let it. Even jobs/people who need us. I always think the elderly need more help, but they don’t usually have money. A solution is hidden somewhere for the right minds to find.


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