red truck in bookstore (3rd draft)

the artist calls it 
        “red truck in bookstore”
        “white flowers in vase by window”
        “pond with clouds over mountain”
like that 
but different

inspired by true events
when a small red truck had angry sex
with a neighborhood bookstore
soon after, people gathered to gawk
just Looky-loos  
but some of them were painters
and some of them got excited for this rare opportunity to paint 
        “red truck in bookstore”
and set up their easels  

and look here, the artist was clever
under the right front wheel
a children’s book with a cartoon red truck on the cover

sadly, some don’t have what it takes
some can’t look directly at 
        “red truck in bookstore”
they look away, instead they paint 
        “old honda with flat tire”
        “broken bottle in gutter”
        “stray dog pissing on dumpster” 
stuff like that

as for method and technique, it was a fortunate disaster 
imagine the exact moment the art happened
drunk teenagers texting in red truck spinning out 
over median crashing into bookstore 
imagine painting that happy moment! 

imagine the glory, imagine all the art critics wetting their pant!
imagine the headlines:
last night, two red trucks crashed headfirst into each other inside 
the capital hill bookstore on colfax and grant 
one real as red steel, the other a fairytale 
witnesses claim “art imitates life”
no fatalities reported, rescue crews and 
art school students working around the clock 

personally, i like
        “red truck in bookstore”
its brave, its original, its both urban and quaint all squished together 
its colorful, if you like endless layers of red truck
yes indeed, i like
        “red truck in bookstore”
just not on my block

red truck in bookstore

15 thoughts on “red truck in bookstore (3rd draft)”

  1. I like the double meaning in “block.” And “pants” is missing an “s” … unless it isn’t. Perhaps it was intentional, which also works.I haven’t heard this story; I am taking a break from almost all news.Happy holidays; I hope you are healing well.


  2. As art, it would be interesting, momentarily, but it would not go on my wall. The broken bottle in a ditch would bring more imagination. But…. instead, your poetry would be much better appreciate, and is! Happy Christmas holidays!


  3. hey pepper! thanks for the heads-up on the typo. and yes i'm healing well. can't walk on it yet, but i'm so ready to go home, still staying with relatives and, well, suburbia just isn't for me. happy holidays to you too! is your blog up? i'd love to go vivit


  4. thanks jc, and no, i wouldn't recommend putting red trucks on your walls, kind of messy. also, your request for edna st. vincent millay did not fall on deaf ears, i'll start working on it after the new year =)


  5. Love the way you've managed to fuse art and life here, making them two wings on a confused but determined bird. I laughed out loud at “rescue crews and postmodern art students working around the clock..” and the stanza before it, too, with the failed attempts. Good to see you writing again, Phillip, and hope you are soon free from the chains of suburbia. Merriest Christmas you can have, my friend.


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